Awards and Credits

Awards and Credits
aims to help teaching professionals, as well as the administrators of primary schools, secondary schools and universities. Jobseekers will also gain access to various K-12 jobs offered in the education industry. For teachers who would like to apply for the many teaching jobs available in different institutes, they can use and post their resumes there. On the other hand, school representatives like principals, department heads and school administrators will gain access to hundred of resumes. The good thing about using is that you will instantly see whether an applicant is qualified or not, based on their resumes that will be sent out to you. It is also only through this website where you can hire a qualified candidate without even having to lift a finger.

Being in the teaching profession is no easy feat, and it is a must for representatives of educational institutions, as well as the teachers themselves, to have one common site where they can hire people and seek employment. All of these can be done by visiting is a jobs board website catering to those who are in the academic industry.

For teachers and other members of the academe:

If you are looking for a new place where you can practice your teaching skills or fill out an exciting teaching position, then this is the website to be. Here at, all you need to do is log-in to your account and you will:

  1. Pick from our comprehensive list of teaching positions and send your applications via e-mail to the educational institute where you wish to apply.
  2. Instantly get details like the location and the qualifications of the teaching positions available so that you can easily determine whether you are qualified or not – rather than wasting your efforts applying for a job where you are not qualified.
  3. Be sent important job alerts.
  4. Have expert jobseeking advice and gain access to hundreds of useful resources in finding your dream teaching job.
  5. Get help in refining your resume and turn it into a memento of your accomplishments in the teaching industry to immediately grab the attention of prospective employers.

For school administrators and department heads:

Through, you will have instant access to hundreds of qualified teachers, instructors, professors, faculty staff and administrative professionals who are looking for new and exciting career opportunities. Not only will you gain access to the resumes of hundreds of teaching professionals, but you will also have a quick and immediate means to speed up the hiring process. serves as executive recruiters so that any opening that you have in the primary school, high school or university that you represent would be immediately filled out with qualified candidates.

Thus, whether you are a teaching professional who is looking for a new or different job, or if you are a school administrator, will help you attain your respective goals in the teaching industry.